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Col. Jacobs: We Should Bomb Iran “As Soon as Possible”

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MSNBC’s military analyst Col. Jack Jacobs made several appearances recently to advocate bombing what he claimed were facilities inside Iran producing weapons smuggled into Iraq. Jacobs called Iran “The most dangerous country on the face of the planet,” and asserted that if the decision was his, he would bomb Iran immediately.

Jacobs seemed intently focused on debunking the claims of the recent Seymour Hersh article which claimed that the military was shifting focus from attacking Iran’s nuclear energy sites to more tactical bombings; the Hersh article was mentioned in all three appearances examined by Iran Coverage.

Jacobs supported “surgical” strikes on the alleged facilities, which he claimed would produce no collateral damage or effect on the US troops in Iraq—however, Jacobs completely ignored the very real possibility of retaliation from Iran as a consequence of such an attack.

Evaluating the coverage of Jacobs’ appearances calls into question whether his statements indicate an escalation in a war of words between the US and Iran, or if this is seriously being considered by the Bush administration. In either scenario, Jacobs’ hostile comments will further accelerate tensions between the two countries.

Watch the clip below for a short summary of Jacobs’ appearances.

Irancove @ October 6, 2007

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