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The Follies of Pressuring Iran to “lower the bar” in Negotiations

Irancove @ October 4, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Farideh Farhi reflects on the North Korean deal and it’s relevance to negotiations with Iran: …the deal was struck under the premise succinctly articulated by the lead American negotiator, Christopher Hill. “To get something in this world, you’ve got to give something,” he said. I say, Amen! Now that Christopher Hill has managed to strike […]

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Shepard Smith Sowing Fear of an Iranian Cyber Attack on US Power Grid

Irancove @ October 4, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Reporting on the story of a video made for the Department of Homeland Security which simulates a cyber-attack on a powerplant, Fox News’ Shepard Smith attempted to implicate Iran by suggesting the possibility of an imagined cyber attack taking place from “downtown Tehran.” Considering that the original story makes no mention—overt or otherwise—of Iran, Smith’s […]

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