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Clinton Joins Webb on Iran Legislation

Irancove @ October 3, 2007 # No Comment Yet

After voting in support of the Lieberman-Kyl legislation, Hilary Clinton will now co-sponsor a bill with Jim Webb—an opponent of the Lieberman-Kyle bill—and re-introduce it to the Senate. The bill “prohibits the use of funds for military operations against Iran without explicit Congressional authorization (S. 759).” The memo also states: Senator Clinton added, “Iran has […]

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Iranian University Invites Bush to Speak, Bush Declines

Irancove @ October 3, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Robin Wright of the Washington Post reports:  After the controversial appearance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia University last week, an Iranian university yesterday invited President Bush to travel to Iran and speak on campus about a range of issues, including the Holocaust, terrorism, human rights and U.S. foreign policy, the Fars News Agency reported […]

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