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FOX: Geraldo Calls Ahmadinejad “The Devil” and Much More

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Fox’s Geraldo Rivera interviewed a crowd gathered in front of Columbia University in anticipation of Ahmadinejad’s appearance at the University.

Though most of the students interviewed—including a spokesperson for the college Republicans—seemed to support the school’s decision allow Ahmadinejad to speak, Geraldo gave tacit approval to some protesters holding signs which read “Ahmadi-Jihad” or another with Ahmadinejad’s body contorted to a swastika—Geraldo even referred to Ahmadinejad as “The Devil.”

However, Geraldo did not give equal consideration to critics of the Bush administration. One protester who called Bush a “so-called president” was chided by Geraldo for being “insulting.” Geraldo, however nodded when another protester compared the “Islamic Culture” to the “Covenant;” a villain alien race in a new popular video game “Halo 3” who are hunted down by “Master Chief” who—in the words of the protester—is the “alien destroyer” or “American.”

Watch the short clip below for the highlights.

Irancove @ September 29, 2007

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