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Gareth Porter: “Lieberman-Kyl Vs. the Evidence”

Irancove @ September 28, 2007 # One Comment

US historian Gareth Porter outlines six main points that contradict the basis of the Lieberman-Kyle amendment: 1. The administration has not come forward with a single piece of concrete evidence to support the claim that the Iranian government has been involved in the training, arming or advising of Iraqi Shiite militias. 2. The U.S. intelligence […]

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Marjorie Cohn: Pursue Diplomacy, Not War

Irancove @ September 28, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Marjorie Cohn, president of the National Lawyers Guild, argues the Bush administration has completed plans for attacking Iran and will continue to escalate tensions to provoke Iran, justifying the attack as “self-defense.” The Sunday Telegraph reported, “A strike will probably follow a gradual escalation. Over the next few weeks and months the U.S. will build […]

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Fox’s Trotta: “Who cares about the Iranians?”

Irancove @ September 28, 2007 # No Comment Yet

In the clip below, Fox’s Liz Trotta makes the statement, “Who cares about the Iranians?” in reference to a charge—discredited by the CIA—of Ahmadinejad’s involvement in the 1979 hostage scenario. Trotta’s remarks are hateful and irresponsible, communicating misinformation to viewers and promoting a dangerous atmosphere of hostility. They also alienate over 70 million Iranians—potential allies—who […]

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