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Kyl-Lieberman Amendment Pushes US and Iran Closer to War

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The Senate is preparing to vote on the Kyle-Lieberman Amendment, which would allow the US to use any means necessary—including military action—to stop Iran’s involvement in Iraq. According to NIAC:

The amendment would also provide Congressional backing for the designation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, a move the Bush administration is now considering. It would be the first time that the designation has been applied to a branch of a country’s military. The Guard, whose size is estimated between 125,000 and 180,000, operates as an elite branch of the army with expertise not only in military affairs but in construction, transportation and business, according to Adam Graham-Silverman of Congressional Quarterly.

The measure would be non-binding, which makes it far more attractive to senators wary of directly calling for military action. The effect would be to establish the will of the senate, without the legal mandate of legislation. Such measures are considered a strong indicator of the direction of American foreign policy and are watched closely by foreign governments.

Video of Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) speaking in opposition to the amendment is available at Think Progress. For more, see Talking Points Memo’s video here.

Irancove @ September 25, 2007

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