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Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Protests the Arrest of Iranian National by US in Iraq

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Iraq’s prime minister, president and Kurdish leaders have strongly protested the detainment of Mahmoud Farhadi, an Iranian national who entered Iraq with the knowledge of the Iraqi government. Five other Iranian diplomats are still being held by US forces.

In a letter addressed to the top US officials in Iraq, General David Petraeus and ambassador Ryan Crocker, Talabani expressed indignation at detention of Mahmoud Farhadi, a civilian from the Iranian western province of Kermanshah, by the US forces.

Farhadi, an employee in charge of trade exchanges in the governor general’s office of Kermanshah, was arrested by US forces in the Iraqi city of Suleymaniya last Thursday.

He was on on official visit at the head of an economic delegation.

His visit had taken place with the permission of Iraq’s Kurdish government with the cooperation of Iraqi officials in Baghdad.

Both Iran and the Kurdish government have said that Farhadi was part of a visiting business delegation.

Irancove @ September 25, 2007

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