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NIAC: Tell Congress to Stop the March to War with Iran

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The National Iranian American Council released a memo today denouncing the President’s decision to authorize the US military to confront Iran while Congress is in recess.  Left unchallenged, these accusations are paving the way for a possible military attack on Iran.  According to this memo, 10 additional Iranians were detained by US forces, undoubtedly escalating tensions to new levels.

President Bush announced today that he has authorized US forces in Iraq to confront Iran militarily. “I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran’s murderous activities,” Bush said in a speech to US war veterans in Reno. Simultaneously, US forces raided a hotel in Baghdad and detained ten Iranians who according to a U.S.-funded radio station included members of an Iranian negotiation team.This move comes amidst a campaign by the White House to escalate the rhetorical war between Washington and Tehran, in which the President has taken concerted new steps toward war. This flurry of rhetoric has largely rung hollow in the halls of Congress, as members are away for summer recess.

Irancove @ August 28, 2007

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