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Gingrich: Iranians Desperately Want Nukes and Will Use Them

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich gave a speech using highly sensationalist rhetoric based on erroneous claims to build his case for the Iran threat. Gingrich claimed the “The Iranians are desperately trying to build nuclear weapons, and they will use them.”

Iranian officials have repeatedly denounced nuclear weapons and explained their nuclear energy program is for civilian use—similar to programs employed by many other countries around the globe. Furthermore, Iran’s nuclear program is monitored by the IAEA, which has found no evidence of a weapons program.

Gingrich, who in the past compared Iran’s President to Hitler, once again adopted an exploitative strategy to vilify Iran’s leadership as irrational—beyond the scope of reason known to “secular elites,” “academic faculty surroundings,” “the State Department,” or “our bureaucracies.”

I believe we are on the edge of a precipice. The Iranians are desperately trying to build nuclear weapons, and they will use them. This is a state — look — read what Ahmadinejad says. He writes poems about the joy of being a martyr nation. He gets to wipe out Tel Aviv; maybe the Israelis use nuclear weapons and wipe out Tehran. He would accept that in a minute because he believes everybody in Tehran goes to heaven and everybody in Tel Aviv doesn’t.

We — it’s very hard for secular elites to understand this. Religiously driven people do things that don’t calculate in nice academic faculty surroundings, and they don’t calculate at the State Department and they don’t calculate in a rational way in most of our bureaucracies.

We are in trouble, and somebody had better start talking about it in a blunt way.

Gingrich’s statements are irrational, lacking any evidence to support his claims. Considering the tense situation in Iraq, and US efforts to utilize its neighbors—including Iran—to pacify the country, Gingrich’s comments are counterproductive. Watch the short clip below.

Irancove @ August 28, 2007

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