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Chris Matthews Explains “Case” for Nuking Iran

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On a recent show of “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews casually declared the “case” for using nuclear weapons against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Lets all be brutally honest here. There might be a case for a tactical or a smaller nuclear weapon—if there is such a thing—a small megaton (inaudible)…if you’re going after some bunker buster goal like in Iran, to try to find those nuclear weapons. You really need a big hole to do it.

According to estimates by the Pentagon and Union of Concerned Scientists, the strike Matthews describes could potentially kill millions of civilians—with the radioactive fallout injuring millions more across thousands of miles. However, Matthews completely ignores this hazard. Considering Matthews’ status as a public figure and opinion maker—and the catastrophic effects a nuclear strike would have on Iran’s civilian population and environment—his remarks are negligent, counterproductive and worrisome.

Furthermore, Matthews’ comments are based on fallacy. He uses finding the Iranian nuclear “weapons” to legitimize his “case” for nuking Iran; though this charge is regularly and carelessly repeated by pundits, it is important to remember that Iran’s nuclear energy program is under the watch of the IAEA, which has found no evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. See the short clip below for more.

Irancove @ August 28, 2007

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