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Scant Evidence of Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Role in Iraq

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As the US considers labeling the Iranian Revolutionary Guards under the official designation of “terrorist,” recent reports indicate there is almost no evidence to support assertions behind the drive.

Lynch said U.S. troops had so far failed to seize any weapon shipments coming across the Iranian border and that no Revolutionary Guards member had been captured in his area of responsibility.

However, [U.S. Major-General Rick Lynch] said his troops had captured 217 weapons with Iranian markings on them since April, in a period coinciding with an increase in rocket and mortar attacks on U.S. soldiers.

Considering the 190,000 AK47s lost in Iraq by the US military, the 217 weapons with “Iranian markings” bears no significance in a war zone as large as Iraq. McClatchy has also reported on this story:

[Maj. Alayne Conway] said that U.S.-led forces have not caught any of the Iranians, but she said military intelligence and recently discovered caches of weapons with Iranian markings on them indicate that the Iranians are there.

Professor Juan Cole observes that it is not necessary for Iran to send 50 Revolutionary Guards to Iraq, considering the Badr Corps—”tens of thousands strong”—was trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Why bother to send revolutionary guardsmen when the country is thick with Badr fighters anyway (who have all the same training)? I think the US is just embarrassed because Badr is its major ally in Iraq, and Pentagon spokesmen are over-compensating by imagining Iranian training camps inside Iraq. What an idea. I mean, don’t we have, like, satellites that would see them? Wouldn’t they be visible on google earth? Every day the Pentagon b.s. about Iran gets more fantastic and frantic.

Irancove @ August 20, 2007

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