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Senator Durbin on Alleged Iranian Weapons in Iraq

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Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) appeared recently on CNN to discuss Iran’s alleged role in providing roadside bombs to Iraqi insurgents.

SENATOR DURBIN: I was just in General Odierno’s office last week in Baghdad, and he showed me one of these roadside bombs that they had managed to dismantle, made in Iran, clearly made in Iran, that can penetrate any armor that we can build in the United States. (see clip)

Considering that Iraq is a war zone with a bustling black market for arms sales, the possibility of weapons being smuggled across the border from Iran—similar to the 190,000 AK47s lost by US forces or the $40 million Italian arms deal linked to the mafia—certainly exists. However, in this instance, Senator Durbin presents no evidence to support his claim.

Since US forces have discovered workshops producing roadside bombs inside Iraq, the senator’s assertion that the weapons were “clearly made in Iran” raises an important question: What distinguishes roadside bombs ostensibly made in Iran from those produced in Iraq or elsewhere?

Watch the short clip below for the full exchange.

Irancove @ August 19, 2007

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