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New Bill Seeks Congressional Approval for Preemptive Attack on Iran

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The National Iranian-American Council reports on a new bill introduced by Representative Mark Udall (D-CO), which attempts to restore balance to the president’s unchecked war-making ability. Currently, the president would not require congressional approval to declare war on Iran.

The bill states that “no funds appropriated or otherwise made available by any act…may be obligated or expended for military operations or activities within or above the territory of Iran” without explicit Congressional consent. Exceptions to this provision would include responding to an Iranian attack and conducting intelligence operations. In addition, the military would not be prevented from pursuing hostile forces should they cross into Iranian territory from Iraq or Afghanistan.

“The bill is intended to do one thing: to restore the balance between the executive and legislative branches with regard to authorizing large-scale military activities,” Udall said. “It is a balance that needs restoring after the mismanagement of the war in Iraq, and it is a balance that should be monitored closely as some in the Administration continue to discuss presidential authority to wage war in contravention of the constitution.”

Irancove @ July 30, 2007

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