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British Foreign Secretary: No Evidence of Iran Attacking British Troops in Basra

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David Miliband, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Member of the British Parliament, was interviewed by the Financial Times in this article published July 8, 2007. Miliband confirms there is no evidence of Iranian involvement in attacks on British soldiers in Basra.

FT: What do you think of Iran’s complicity in attacks on British soldiers in Basra?

DM: Well, I think that any evidence of Iranian engagement there is to be deplored. I think that we need regional players to be supporting stability, not fomenting discord, never mind death. And as I said at the beginning, Iran has a complete right, and we support the idea that Iran should be a wealthy and respected part of the future. But it does not have the right to be a force of instability.

FT: Just to be clear, there is evidence?

DM: Well no, I chose my words carefully…

Irancove @ July 19, 2007

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