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Fox on PressTV

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Fox and Friends, a show on FOX News reported on PressTV, the new 24-hour English language news network from Iran. Brian Kilmeade introduced Ghazal Omid, described as “a former Iranian” and author of Living in Hell to discuss PressTV.

Ghazal Omid: “You guys are not giving them the right chance to speak to whatever they do in Iran that’s positive, for instance, helping Hamas and helping Hezbollah, so they wanna bring that story to you guys or to people in America.

Regarding the reception of PressTV in the U.S., Steve Doocy remarked: “I don’t know if people are gonna buy it – just because it’s glossy and it’s flossy – I think we’re smarter than that.

Omid replied: “I hope you’re absolutely right but…I think when you’re talking about PR media, a lot of people would swift their opinion if there is a lot of advertisement for it – if we pay too much attention to them, we can actually make them stronger.

FOX did not provide any representatives or statements from PressTV, the subject of their report.

Ms. Omid, a regular commentator on FOX appears in the clip below with Neil Cavuto before the 2006 midterm congressional elections claiming: “Insurgents inside Iraq are praying for the Democrats to come to power.

Omid: “Unfortunately, Democrat party seem to be the favorable party for insurgents right now.

Cavuto: “Alright, so insurgents are looking at what’s happening with our midterm elections and hoping that if Democrats make significant gains and they give voice to this call to pull out of Iraq, so much the better.

Omid: “Absolutely

Irancove @ July 9, 2007

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