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Glen Greenwald: “A Tragic Legacy”

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The following excerpt from TPMCafe’s Book Club contains analysis of Iran’s relationship with the United States including the exaggerated significance of Ahmadinejad in the Iranian power spectrum versus the belittling of former presidents like Khatami during his push for detente with the U.S.

Writing in National Review in 2003, Amir Taheri, the neoconservatives’ favorite Iran “expert,” called Khatami “irrelevant” and a mere “figurehead.” In 2002, The New Republic Editors dismissed him away as “timid and powerless.” And The Financial Times warned that it is “doubtful he has the powers” to impede the agenda of Iranian radicals. But now that an easy-to-demonize hard-line figure, rather than a reformist, occupies the Presidency, voices from the nation’s war-hungry precincts focus almost exclusively on Iran’s President as though he is some sort of Supreme Leader (a title which is, revealingly, one claimed by Iran’s true leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei).

Irancove @ July 2, 2007

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